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How much does it cost?

Our filtration options start at $920 with an under-sink reverse osmosis system fully installed and elevate towards $4200 with a whole house system, which provides your entire house from the shower to your drinking water tap with excellent quality water. 

Cysts are a stage in the life cycle of some parasites, including protozoa and worms. Cysts are a form of these parasites surrounded by a protective outer layer, allowing them to survive outside a host for extended periods, including through the chlorination process used in water treatment. If ingested, cysts can mature into parasites and cause various health problems. The PB1 and Chloragaurd filter ranges specialise in significantly reducing these parasites along with heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
The filter and membrane exchange duration varies depending on the system you choose for your household. The reverse osmosis under-sink option requires exchanging sediment and carbon block filters every 12 months. At the same time, the membrane in the RO system can last up to 3 years. The whole house system requires filter exchanges to be conducted every 12 months.

Here at HFS, we pride ourselves on providing the most robust and durable enclosures for your Filtration unit, which is made from 3mm marine grade aluminium certified with a lifetime warranty, customized in your choice of durable powder coating to match your home and keep it looking like a home. The capacity for enduring filtration between service intervals is guaranteed with 20-inch housings and less chance of pressure reduction in your home. 

Reverse Osmosis under sink filter and membrane replacement = $149 Whole House Filtration System = $380 (Costs can vary depending on your customised filter selection).
Choraguard water filtration systems are designed with advanced filtration technology that can effectively remove impurities, contaminants, and harsh chemicals from water, including chlorine and chloramines. These substances can cause skin irritation and inflammation, which can exacerbate sensitive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. By removing these irritants and pollutants from water, Choraguard filtration systems help to provide gentle, soothing, and non-irritating water that can be beneficial for people with sensitive skin conditions.
James Copeman
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"Angus from Home Filtration Systems was very helpful and easy to deal with. He provided a whole of house system that turned our town supply into nice tasting, clean water, even the veggie garden is better. The filter system also cleaned up our young son's eczema almost overnight. The improvement over our dirty town (Meekatharra) water supply is like chalk and cheese. I cannot recommend Angus' system enough."
Joseph Papworth
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"The water filters we added to our family home has been great. The water tastes far fresher and even looks free from sediment. Angus and the team were easy to deal with and installation plus aftercare services have been great. I would highly recommend Home Filtration Systems."
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"Since installing a Home Filtration System our water tastes much cleaner and I no longer get itchy skin in the shower. Definitely worth the money and would recommend this product!"

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